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Friday, October 5, 2012

Istanbul, Turkey

October 14-17th, 2012

Early morning flight from Rome to Istanbul. Bus ride, funicular, tram and 15 minute walk and found my hostel. Unfortunately, they had canceled my entire reservation instead of last 4 nights. They found me a room an hour later. Istanbul is the only city which has parts of its city on two continents (Asia and Europe) divided by a river. Did all the tourist stuff like the Palace, Blue Mosque, Sophia Hagia and Bosphorous Cruise. Also walked the bridge connecting both halfs of the city and the two continents. The "hawkers" selling anything and everything are relentless and follow you around trying to get you to speak to them. I started using my very bad Spanish and it helped deter them a little.




Thousands of shops under 1 roof. Anything and everything you need or not need.


Bosphorous Cruise and Hagia Sophia

Walk across bridge that connects Europe and Asia

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