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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dublin, Ireland

September 24, 2012

Loved Galway, had 2 pints of Bulmers Cider in Latin Quarter yesterday but it did not help me sleep with "SNORING GUY" registering an 8.5 on the Richter Scale. The 4 of us who could not sleep convinced the guy at the night desk to let us move to an empty dorm. Much appreciaed. Wonder what "SNORING GUY" thought when he woke up this morning to a room all by himself. lol

I took the City Link bus instead of Bus Eirean because it was 4 euros cheaper and had bathroom and wifi. Unfortunately it was raining and does not look to let up anytime soon. I have seen the tourist sites before so will blog today and catch a pint later. Hopefully the weather will clear up before my flight to Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow evening. I have all day tomorrow to revisit Trinity College and other pioints of interest.

This trip is NOT representative of future guided trips because my time here is limited and I am doing some things I have not done before. Skipping Killarney (my favorite), and Kilkenny. For more of the typical sights check out my 2007 Ireland viist at  or go to my blogs at

Minus all the hiking I did on the Kerry Way, that will be done by Tour Bus.

Walked to Temple Bar District for a pint of the good stuff, some Irish music and to take a few pictures.
Lots of signs promoting Oktoberfest in Temple Bar. Seems like a sign for me to go to Munich.

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