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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ferry to Dubrovnkik, Croatia

October 6, 2012s

Had to catch the 5:50 am train from Florence to Rome, change trains in Rome to Bari, Italy. Arrived at 12:45 pm and tried to catch a bus to the ferry port. Took the 20 bus and 30 minutes later realized I had done the same thing 6 years earlier. Should have taken the 20/ bus. Got back to my origin, the train station, and took the 20/ bus and was dropped off a Jradolinijq Ferry dock where they no longer have a ticket office. I purchased my ticket online and therefore needed my reservation printed out. Was told there was a free shuttle at 5 pm to the new ticket office. The ferry does not leave until 10 pm and we can not board until 8 pm so lot of waiting. To make matters worse i got there at 5 pm and found out they would not open until 6:30 pm. That is when Peroni Beer got involved. Got boarded and started looking for place to spend the night. All the couches where most backpackers stay now have boards in the couches providing only individual seats and not allowing a way to lay down. They are determined to make u buy a sleeper. Found a comfortable recliner and watched tv as long as it was in English. Then found a comfortable piece of carpet in a less trafficked hallway. Worked out and slept till 4:30 am and we landed around 7 am. 1st off the boat and found the hostel without too much difficulty.    

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