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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Galway, Ireland

September 23, 2012

Arrived in Galway yesterday around 7 pm after ferry ride from Inis Meain and 1 hr bus ride. Staying at Sleepzone Hostel which is very close to Eyre Square. Will walk around and take pictures today and post later. Dublin tomorrow. Will defintely have to reintroduce myself to McDonals today to get back on budget. I see the Euro Menu (their Dollar Menu) in my future to get back on budget. At about $6.25 for a pint of Guiness sacrifices have to be made. lol  Finished off last evening in Galway with a couple of pints of Bulmers Cider in the Latin Quarter. Last picture is of the Spanish Arch.

Spanish Arch

Bulmers Cider

Galway University Cathedral

For all you harp lovers.

Latin Quarter

For everyone who has been to Costa Rica, you know this.

Where musicians go to get drunk and drunks go to become musicians.

Don't see a didgeridoo every day. He played it constantly for both days I was here. Must not be a smoker.

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