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Monday, October 1, 2012

Travel Day and Headed Home (wherever that may be)

October 21, 2012

Leave Luxor at 11: 35 pm headed to Cairo. Then 8 hrs at airport until 9 am flight back to Istanbul. Then dash to my connecting flight back to New Orleans via Newark. Hopefully arrive at NO airport at 10:35 pm.

Have spent the last couple of days mostly in hotel since I have seen the sights that I came to see.  While I usually like to walk around and take in the culture and observe the people, the shopkeepers, cab drivers, and horse carriage drivers have gotten to aggressive. Witnessed what appeared to be almost a riot on the street last night while walking when there were 20 horse carriage drivers trying to accommodate 8 tourists. Lots of screaming, yelling and pushing among the horse carriage drivers.

In conclusion:

Incredible and very diversified trip. Originally this trip was to be a guided trip to Ireland and/or Italy but not enough time was allocated to properly advertise and inform the locals. So I used the trip to re-visit Ireland and Italy for future trips. Then the Trip took on a life of its own and I added Scotland, then Turkey, then Croatia and finally Egypt. As always, learned a lot during my travels. What I would do again and what I would not. Hopefully  that translates to a better travel experience for those I bring back to those areas if I decide to bring a group to one of these destinations in the future.

Now on to the next adventure. Costa Rica on Nov. 9th and then Peru , hopefully in February or March. Thanks to all who followed my blog.   

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